June 9, 2023

It is important that while you are away, your dogs and pets are still well taken care of. Since you can’t take them to work with you, your dogs stay at home alone with themselves. These are times that they actually feel lonely, and these are times where a lot of risks are possible to happen.

Dogs are also like humans, that is why pet owners treat them as their own family or babies. Since they are like humans, dogs must also be well taken care of. They must be feed in the right time with good meals, they must have play time and they must go for a walk in the park some time. The article in the site helps you to go through the best tips.

Their whole life is definitely a routine of just playing, meals and walking. But when you’re away from them, these routine also stops. That’s when the risks starts to grow.

The more they feel lonely and bored, these results to anxiety and distress for dogs. Some may acquire illness. And some can also result to death.

4 Tips to Entertain Dogs

 While you are away, you can still look after your fur babies by doing these 4 tips.

  1. Install a pet camera

Pet cameras are like home surveillance camera, but your pets are the focused. Some pet cameras like FurBo, has built in food storage where you can automatically control it from your mobile to throw food to your pet. It also has two way audio where you can listen and talk to your dog.

  1. Hire a walker

You can ask a trusted friend or family member to take your little pooch to a walk outside while you are work. Walking is an important part of their routine, so make sure this is met. This also let the dog feel that he’s not alone. And it enables them to feel more connected with the surroundings.

  1. Bring them to daycare

Dog daycare is popular today. It is a one place where you can deposit your dogs and fetch them later after your work. It is quite expensive though, but you are sure that your dogs are well taken care of experts and pet lovers like you.

At daycare, they provide a comfortable lounge for your dog, they feed them, they give them playtime, and they let them play around with other dogs. Some also have dog cafes, dog parlor and all those stuffs for your little pooch.

  1. Give your dog a window to peak

Keeping your window accessible for them for peaking is also a good thing. This lets them check their surroundings, or wait for you. During their downtimes dogs just want to stay near the accessible window and stare at the surroundings then sleep.

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