May 22, 2022
german shepherd

Petting dogs is so different from guard dogs. They may be friendly to family members but not to strangers. They are your best buddies when you are taking a walk, when nobody is around the house, and especially a perfect guard for you, family members, as well as the house. Keep in mind that petting is different from guard dogs.

Guard dogs can be so aggressive, especially if they sense threats or danger. It is the reason why they are called guard dogs. With so many dog breeds, you might be asking which one is the best guard dog. K9 dogs are the best ones. Most of these K9 dogs are from the family of large and pure breed dogs.

Best guard dogs for sale

There are several breeds of guard dogs for sale and one of the best-picked breeds are the German Shepherds. These breeds have marked down their price and offered german shepherds for sale at an affordable price. If you are looking for this breed of a guard dog, you will have different options to choose from according to their characteristics and capabilities, such as:

  • Serious working dog
  • Phenomenal security dog
  • Strong guard dog
  • Family protection dog
  • Great all-arounder
  • Phenomenal bodyguard
  • Serious bodyguard and protector and more

german shepherd

These are only a few of the characteristics of them and they are trained according to their suitability. Yes, these guard dogs are fully trained, from basic to serious. Thus, it is not difficult for you to let them obey you. Obedience is not a problem to them since they are trained and can easily understand.

The personality of german shepherds

For those who are unaware of the characteristics of german shepherds and are doubtful to buy them as a guard dog, here is a brief knowledge about them for you. The personality of a german shepherd is aloof, yet not usually aggressive. They are calmed, especially when fully trained. German shepherds are considered reserved dogs.

German shepherds are reserved dogs because they don’t easily make friends. Yes, they are not as friendly as the other dog breeds. But, once you do, German Shepherds are extremely loyal, making them the best guard dog breed. They are popular for being loyal, intelligent, and protective at all times.

When they are with their family, they are approachable and easy-going. But, when they are threatened and sense danger, they can be protective and strong. It is the reason why this breed is the best pick as they are excellent watchdogs.