May 22, 2022

Large cats? Oh Yes. Cats are a very diverse species; coming in all shapes, sizes and weights. Did you know that there is a 27-pound Maine Coon? Although most owners of cats have “normal” sized kitties, some often find theirs to be “above average”. When you get a larger kitten, you already know what that means…you need to upgrade from that single B sized cat tree to perhaps a double D sized, as well as reinforce scratching posts and other toys need to be larger. If you are looking for cat trees for larger cats, you need to research on the internet.


If your cats are timid around strangers, a cat tree will be the very best place for her to perch. She does not have to come down when strangers are visiting but she can stay perched above the room to observe. The ‘best cat trees for large cats should have spaces that are hollowed out so a catis able to hide, which cats need to do at times. It offers them a feeling of peace and safety. They can watch all that is going on without being seen.


Cat trees also can be quite helpful if you have a dog lives in the house. When the dog gets annoying to your cat, she can withdraw to the safety of high over the dog’s head.

See the world differently

Humans see their world horizontally, while cats see their world differently. They see their world vertically. Your cat sees some things and realizes that she can go UP! These cat trees give your little darling the ability to climb and then perch so she canwatch everything going on in the room from that perch. Cats enjoy being above everything, both figuratively and literally.


Most trees for cats are protected with a material making them good post to scratch on. Your cat sharpens claws while not ruining your more expensive furniture. A great material for this is Sisal and is used often to cover a cat tree.

So, the bottom line is that cat trees can enliven and enrich your cat’s life.

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