June 9, 2023
The signs that your cat has fleas

Fleas are the most common insects that would affect people, pets, and homes. If you are a cat owner, then you would worry about whether your pet has got fleas. You should spot the fleas and remove them as quickly as possible to avoid major health issues. If you have a cat in your home then you should understand the signs of fleas that show up on your pets and how to get rid of fleas on cats. If you know the symptoms of the fleas, then early detection would be more helpful so that your cat does not have to deal with the problems like itchy skin or hair loss. Here are a few signs that tell if your cat has fleas.

Scratching and itching:     

You may notice that cats scratch, bite or lick themselves which is known to be the grooming process. However, if you find that cats scratch excessively, then it would be because of fleas. So, you should notice the amount of time that your cat spends itching or scratching their body. If your cat scratch for a long time, then it could be a sign that your pet has unwanted fleas on its body.

how to get rid of fleas on cats

Hair loss:

The fleas would bite the cats and would suck the blood. Your cats would lose their blood and also increased scratching of their body would lead to hair loss. If you find cat hair around your home, then you should check whether they have fleas. Some cats are sensitive to saliva which can be serious allergic for your cats that would be more painful cats. So, if your pet has hair loss and skin problems then it is a sign of fleas.

Behavior changes:

Another sign that shows you that your pet has fleas is that you can notice the different signs. If you find the cat is restless and scratching or shaking its body often then it would be an indication of flea infestation in your pet. Also, if your cats have fleas they don’t feel comfortable and they may not play or involve in any activities.

Thus, the above are a few signs that tell you whether your cat has a flea infestation. To get rid of fleas you can use topical and other flea treatment products. Also, you should take the right steps to prevent fleas from arriving in your home. Fleas can reproduce quickly and so you should carefully watch for infestation and take the right preventive steps to avoid fleas.

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