September 29, 2023

Pets are not simply our companion. They are almost part of our family we cuddle, feed and love every day. They bring us incomparable joy and happiness.

It doesn’t end there. Our furry friends can offer zooeyia or simply known as good benefits to our human health. If you are not familiar with the word zooeyia, it comes from Greek word known as zoion, which means animals and Hygeia, which means health. This term may sounds like it’s an exotic disease and animals is the carrier of the infection. However, it’s the other way around. Zooeyia is the positive opposite of zoonosis.

Here are the positive aspects and benefits of pets to their owners, which are supported by scientific evidences:

Your pets can reduce the hazards of smoking.

Smoking, just like paralysis tick symptoms after removal, is known to be too dangerous for human health specifically for individual who are exposed to second hand smoking. This also applies to our furry companions since second hand smoke and other toxic residues that are left on the different environmental surfaces and clothes, posing significant risk into health.

On the other side, our companions groom themselves and could taketoxins right from their fluffy fur through maintaining their coat clean.  Apart from that, just like human beings they lick any surfaces, absorbing layers of toxic substances.


Due to their lifestyle, cats prefer to stay indoors. This is the reason behind why they are more prone to deadly effects of smoking particularly cancer.  If the cats live in a household who smokes oftentimes, they are more prone to mammary cancer, oral squamous cell carcinoma as well as lymphoma. Bulldogs  can be easily affected by lung cancer while Greyhound develops commonly nasal cancer because of second hand smoking.

As per  Tobacco Control 2009: 0:1-3, pet exposure to  second hand smoking motivates their owners to stop smoking, which later on encourage other household members and prohibits smoking inside the house.

The presence of your pets can actually prompt anyone to quit their smoking habit.  This fact alone shows the importance of educating pet owners regarding with the negative effects of their habits to their furry friend.  Thus, pet’s health is also being benefited due to their awareness.

Your pets can encourage healthy way of living.

Exercise is an essential part of our human lives, however, American don’t have enough motivation to get up and start exercising.

If that’s the case, pets, particularly dogs can help everyone stay fit.  They promote healthy lifestyle because they boost up their owner’s physical activity. There’s a recent study from PPET or known as People Pets Exercising Together which demonstrate how owners who prefers to exercise with their fury baby is enjoying their daily workout rather than those who lacks pet companion.

Your dogs are excellent inspiration since they initiate exercise since practically they do require to be taken out to defecate or urinate most of the time. Aside from that, they also add more fun and parental pride in the family.  Don’t forget to ask opinion or suggestion from your North Ryde animal hospital before you start exercising with your pets.

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