May 22, 2022

Have you ever had a dog who loves to shred things? From furniture, your favorite shirt, the seat post, and even the remote control! Imagine the trouble they have caused you in the past. Dogs shred when they have nothing to do. In short, they’re bored. But when they are left alone in the house most of the time, there’s really nothing that you can do.

Good thing that there are Best Dog Resource Sites who can help us with this dilemma. There are toys available for purchase that are specially designed for dogs that shred. No more crying over a shredded expensive piece of furniture. Just buy your dog a toy that can entertain him when he’s alone, rather than entertain himself by making a piece of art out of your household things.

Best Dog Resource Site

Best TOYS for Dogs Who Shred.

When looking for heavy duty toys for your dogs, check the materials being used. The indestructible feature of a toy will actually depend on its materials used in manufacturing. Chew-proof toys should live up to its name or else this can be dangerous when it accidentally gets lodged in the dog’s throat. Here are some of the shred-proof toys for our canines.

  • KONG Classic. The material used to make this toy, as well as the nature of the toy itself are the reason why it’s hard for dogs to shred it to pieces. It’s made from durable rubber which is very safe for dogs. The paint won’t come off and it’s mentally stimulating. Sometimes, the owner can put a treat at the end of this toy which is hard for the dog to extract. This toy will surely keep them in place.
  • Goughnuts – Dog Chew Ring. This toy is no doubt one of the most popular dog toy on the market today. It’s made of extremely durable rubber and is believed to be stronger than Kong. The round shaped toy has three layers. If ever your super dog has found a way to chew the top layer off, the inner red layer below that black coat will be revealed. If this happens, the company promises to replace it at no additional cost. Its rounded surface makes it hard for a dog to get a good bite. With Goughnuts, you are promised hours of fun since this toy is proven to be chew-proof.
  • West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Interactive Tug of War Durable Dog Play Toy. This is the best toy for dogs who love to play in the water. This toy is specially designed to promote bonding time between the dog and its owner. It’s made from chew-proof material and can stretch up twice of its original length without breaking. This toy can float on the water and very safe for dogs. This is the best toy for a dog that has strong jaws who loves to swim while biting on its toy.

These chew-proof toys have different uses and purpose. Choosing the best toy for your dog will really depend on what you and your dog needs. Provide your dog with these toys and you will have a peace of mind that it won’t break or disintegrate from your dog’s strong jaws.

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