September 29, 2023

The feeling “home sweet home” applies both to animals as well as humans. When you have a pet in the house, it’s your responsibility to make arrangements in ensuring it stays comfortable and protected, after all our pets are no less than our family members!

No matter how domesticated the pet is, there is a need for privacy and independence that every animal demands at some point of time. Hence, investing in a pet’s house is one of the best decisions to make when having a pet at home. A Paw Castle could be a good way to ensure the necessary comfort and security to your dog. This has benefits for the pet naturally; at the same time it lets the owner stay away from hygiene issues, house breaking and ensuring personal safety.

Getting familiar with “Dog Houses”

There are an enormous range of dog houses available in terms of size, features, type and functionality. From buying a readymade house to building your very own, there can be many options.

Dog House that serves a Purpose

While the conventional dog houses are commonplace, nowadays you can also find houses that are designed to fit in a particular purpose. These will provide the comfort of home while ensuring protection from weather conditions such as rain, heat, wind and snow.

Plastic Dog House

Plastic dog houses are one of the most economical options that you can invest in in bringing the comfort of home for your dog. Easy to clean, easy to set up and hassle free carrying is all you get to have with a plastic paw castle. Unlike wood or rubber ones, assembly would be easy and would not require much effort. The maintenance cost would also eliminating the very for renovation time and again.

Playpens can be Fun

Playpens are suitable options when you have two three small dogs without any dearth of space. These are portable and can be moved in indoors as well outdoors as per need.Another benefit with these playpens is zero maintenance cost and easy portability-carry them to the park, neighbours or at your friend’s place without any worry.

Very similar to the playpen, a portable dog tent could be a suitable short term option for your dog’s containment.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying a Dog’s House

  • Bedding is important but can vary. Depending upon the type and size of dog’s house you set up, you can go for blankets, old bedsheets, newspapers, carpet etc. But, make sure they are routinely cleaned or changed from time to time to avoid infection.
  • If you happen to live in a predominantly warmer area, consider going in for porch based house. This will provide in the extra protection from the sun as well as rain. It will also help the dog to move up and down and play it cool when bored.
  • Lastly, make sure there is a proper room for ventilation to breathe in and around. Congested setting will make it difficult for the creature to live and will also not be good from hygiene point of view.

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