June 9, 2023

If there is an essential element that we should have at home when we have a pet, that is a transport bag, or carrier. Either when we go on a trip or to take our great friend to the vet.

Currently, there are different models in the market, so we have to choose the most suitable for our pet. We have to take into account that it has to have openings to guarantee the breathing of the canine or feline. For this reason, we have selected a list of several transporters that we can find in the market .

1,Wopet Pet Car Seat Carrier

Wopet Pet Car Seat Carrier


Wopet pet car seat is an ideal for small dogs, puppies or cats,kitten. Ideal For transporting your pets in comfort and safety. Tough waterproof material. Fold flat for travel & storage. It is the best solution to safely securing your pets, as their natural urge is to look out the window while travelling in cars.


  • Dimension: 16 x 13.4 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight : 4.2 pounds
  • Made of Waterproof 600 Denier Nylon
  • Suitable for small dogs or cats, pets up to 15lbs
  • 2 colors available

How to use:

  • Adjustable strap attaches to headrest or use as shoulder strap while walking.
  • loops at back allows safety belt to go through and fix.
  • Mesh top entry and side windows ensure air ventilation.

 2,Outdoor Foldable Breathable

The Yimidear pet carrier is designed so that our pet is safe while traveling. It is made with EVA materials and has a powerful breathable design. It also has a powerful style that will make our pet adapt to fashion . It has a modern print and is made with durable materials.

3,Transporter Expedion

The Espedion transporter is one of the most classic we can find in the market. It is a pet bag of a very small size. It is made of plastic materials and is a light product , easy to assemble and has a very comfortable door system.

4,Neyo Transport

The Neyo transporter is another of the most classic in the market. This pet bag has three different openings . The truth is that it has a very small size so it is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or chinchillas.

5,GULLIVER 1 Gray carrier

The GULLIVER gray carrier is one of the best for short visits to the vet. It is very easy to disassemble to clean, made with very good quality material. In addition, it has several anchors so that we can put the seat belt .

6,Expedion Transport

The Expedion carrier fulfills its function perfectly. Easy to assemble, it measures 45x30x30 and is ideal for cats. It is highly recommended in terms of value for money . We can find it in various colors, from red to bright green.

7,Black Trash AmazonBasics

The trasportín has two unibile handles for a balanced transport and to use it as a double safety belt or luggage strap, for a safe transport. Includes an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can leave your hands free. In addition, the flexible sides of the carrier include a spring-loaded wire structure that can be adjusted to the dimensions of under the seat of most airlines, which means that on your next trip you will not have to leave your faithful friend behind (or trip in the cellar).

8,Songmics transport bag

The bag of transport of the Songmics brand is designed to take our pets wherever they want to go. It’s just as perfect as a dog bed at home. It is ideal for all seasons since it provides a separate space for the pet . Made with Oxford 600D fabric, metal frame and reinforced corners. As for the base, it should be noted that it is of sheep.

9,Folding Transport Pet

The glueable transport that we have between us is ideal for our pet to travel, be it cats, small dogs, puppies and other pets. It is made with 600D Oxford cloth and is protected with stains and water. It has a single opening with nylon mesh to ensure better air ventilation.

10,Pet carrier Favorite

The Favorite pet bag of 71 x 51 x 51 cm is the most practical on the market. Made with waterproof materials , thanks to waterproof fabric 600D Oxford. It has three ventilated mesh openings and two doors. It is very easy to assemble.

Wopet is world’s leading pet carrier producer, wholesale please contact with support@wopetshop.com

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