May 22, 2022

People try and follow different things when it’s about trying something new. Following the same mindset, the trend of keeping scorpions as pets is gaining great popularity day by day. Being quite inexpensive and less demanding when it comes to care, scorpions make one of the most interesting pets.

Before you go and bring a scorpion home, go through the below-mentioned pieces of information that will help you take better care of your scorpion pet:

  • Scorpions are to be kept in tanks or aquariums

Because, you don’t want to lose a scorpion in the house! It’d be terrifying!

The best scorpion pet care starts with making a cozy and natural seeming home for your pet.

As a home for your scorpion pet, you need to bring a glass tank or aquarium. Just make sure that they have some free space to roam around. Start with lining the bottom of the tank with a suitable substrate or spread. It must be about 3-4 inches thick to provide the texture to the ground of tank.

Now, there are two kinds of habitats that scorpions are found in – one is the jungle and the other is the desert.

If you have a desert species, you can spread some good-quality and chemical-free sand at the bottom of the tank to give the feel of natural habitat to your pet. In case of a jungle species, you can use some coarse bark.

Sprinkle a little amount of water on the base of the tank. You can add an ornament or a rock to give your scorpion a place to hide.

  • Care and Diet

Keep a shallow water dish inside the tank for your scorpion to have an easy access to water. Also, placing a heat pad under one side of the tank is an essential step towards scorpion pet care.

As for feeding, a scorpion can easily eat anything that is provided to it inside the tank and is easy for it to hold. The best food for a scorpion is mealworms and gut loaded crickets.

These two food items for these little creatures are easily available at the pet stores. Make sure you feed your pet on a regular basis.

  • Dealing With Stings

Most of the scorpions are not dangerous though all of them contain venom. Out of the 1500 species of scorpions, only 24 are said to be fatal. However, all of them can sting you and grab you by their sharp pincers.

So, avoid handling your scorpion pet in the first place.

If you’re stung by the scorpion, you should clean the wound with an antiseptic. Just do not panic as most of the scorpions don’t have harmful venom. Apply an ice pack on the stung area and wait for it to get better.

In case of any allergies or reactions, rush for expert medical help.

So, with this information, you know how to deal with your not-so-cuddly yet interesting pet. The best thing about keeping scorpions as your pets is that you get to observe them for hours without getting bored.

Bring your scorpion pet home today!

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