May 22, 2022

What can be better than one dog?

A litter of adorable puppies!

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 But how can you tell that your pet dog is pregnant? Here are a few signs to look out for that can help you figure out if your dog’s expecting.

1.     Changes in Appetite

Your dog’s appetite might give you a clue or two. It might start to eat a bit less, but this usually happens in the first two weeks of pregnancy. After that your dog’s appetite might increase as she also needs to feed the little puppies now living in her belly.

2.     Change in Nipples

The colour of your dog’s nipples might become a bit darker than usual. This is because of the increased blood flow. Later during the pregnancy, they might also discharge some milk. This is considered to be the easiest sign to spot if your dog is pregnant.

3.     Laziness

If your dog gets tired quickly, or doesn’t want to play around with you as much as it used to, it may be a sign that she is pregnant. Dogs, like humans also try to save energy and get tired quickly due to hormonal changes.

A female English British Bulldog

4.     Vaginal Discharge

Your dog might discharge mucous like fluid from her vagina during pregnancy. This usually starts happening in the fourth week of your dog’s pregnancy.

5.     Behavioural Changes

The behaviour of your dog might also give you some cues. She might ask for more attention and suddenly become more affectionate towards you. On the other hand, some dogs may act completely opposite to this and might want more time on their own.

6.     Weight Gain and Swollen Stomach

As the pregnancy progresses, some dogs may also gain a little weight. Their stomach might also swell up a little which is one of the clearest indicators of pregnancy.

7.     Nesting

If your dog is continuously going to a same spot for lying down or sleeping, it might be a sign that puppies are on their way. Dogs usually look for comfortable and secure places to rest and give birth to their puppies.

8.     Dog Pregnancy Test

The best way to find out if your dog is pregnant is to take her to the vet. If you can’t take her to the vet, you can purchase a dog pregnancy test kit and check whether your dog is expecting or not.

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