September 29, 2023

Are you a pet owner or a pet parent? Would you be able to spot the signs of pet owners versus pet parents? Do you consider your pet part of the family or just part of the household. How you view your pet will determine if you are just a pet owner or if you are a pet parent. There is nothing wrong with either being a pet owner versus a pet parent. As long as you are caring for your four legged creature than you are doing a good job however, pet parents tend to be a little more on the ‘crazy’ side. According to an article on how to spot a pet parent there are some pretty obvious signs that will tell you that you are a pet parent. Some of the signs that you are a pet parent instead of being a pet owner include: pets are allow on the furniture and have their own furniture as well, pets are part of your holiday rituals, pets sleep in your bed, you actual understand their language, pets have first and middle names, you have more pictures of your pets on your phone and on Facebook than your human family members, you have full conversations with them, have taken them to get photos with Santa, and you celebrate your pet’s birthday. In another article you could be something ‘crazier’ than a pet parent if you are a helicopter pet parent. The article goes on to say that if you avoid vacuuming because you pet does not like it or plan your vacations around places that accepts pets than you might be a helicopter pet parent. Again, enjoy whatever you are; pet owner, pet parent, or helicopter pet parent. As long as you treat them well and take care of all their needs you are doing your part for the greater good.

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