May 22, 2022

I’m sure that no one wants to experience pet odors in their home. Think of the embarrassment you have to face when suddenly your neighbors drop by and you have to face them while your home is stinking of pet odor. Luckily there have been a few decent articles written about how to cut down on these stinky smells that can help.

The problem with pet odor is that it can easily stick with your oriental carpets and other rugs which can easily become a nightmare to clean off or even to get the odor off. In addition to that, creating an unhealthy indoor climate due to your pet odor can easily cause pollution of carpets and rugs. So no matter how much you love your pets, you can certainly make your home unlivable.

Why Does Pet Odor Stink So Bad

Usually, pet odor smell can come from both the source of the waste and the bacteria that comes from the source of food. In case of a continual problem of contamination in your home, your pet can become a source of repeatedly bad odor every day.

You know how unbearable the odor can become if you turn out a blind eye to it. Once if you’ve turned away and then your beloved dog decides that the brand new carpet is the ideal place to rub himself all over!  It would be only a matter of time when you will realize that you can not deal with this and you have to get rid of the pet stinky odor smell in your home.

How to Get Rid Of It

Well, for starters, you have to find out the areas that are dirty and then reform or train your pet. Avoid disposal in your livable areas. To do this, it is necessary to clean these areas and clean it really well. To avoid the hassle of house cleaning, you should check out some great reviews of pet dander busting air purifiers before you purchase one. However, here are some cleaning steps before you can opt for a purifier.

  1. Find all the dirty areas with your nose and your eyes. You can use a different light bulb which can show you old urine stains which can be the source of your pet odor. Turn off all the lights in the room. Use a black light to highlight the dirty areas, so you can mark them for later cleaning. Most good hardware stores will sell you a good Black lights.
  2. Clean dirty areas thoroughly to kill any lingering odors. To succeed in this, you can follow these instructions:
  • Eliminate medical causes of your pet behavior by consulting a vet.
  • Work out why your beloved pet is defecating or urinating in certain areas. You could also try to solve waste problems by training your pet appropriately and reducing the amount of urine.
  • Make certain home sections unattractive and / or unavailable for your pet. Make it unfavorable to change the behavior of your pet.
  • Make the corresponding “bathroom” attractive. You could even try to train your pet with treats or even praise can work too. Stay with your puppy and solve the scattering problems.
  • Give your pet the space to avoid littering.

Things to Avoid Doing

You should try to avoid using steam cleaners to clean fabrics within the home. The heat is going make it worse. You should also avoid using chemical cleaners, especially if they contain ammonia. The scenarios or the surrounding area can motivate your pet to urinate again in that area, as it would try to eliminate the smell of your chemical cleaners.

Things to Go For

You can also try in your efforts to eliminate the pollution and smell of urine by using alkalis or salt urine deposits, but they must be completely neutralized and rinsed professionally. To really solve the problem, try this procedure again. Other things can also include fresheners, scent candles or perfumes but they can’t be as effective as removing your pet odor smell for 24 hours. However, a nice automatic purifier can most certainly do the trick of eliminating the bad odor of your pet as some automatic purifiers automatically sprays at a certain interval of time to keep the room hydrated and free from bad odor.

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