May 22, 2022
up to be a happy dog.

Labradoodles are, by all means, can be a fantastic pet for your home. However, if you are a first-time dog owner and choosing a Labradoodle, then there are some things to understand beforehand. This breed of dog is indeed cute, friendly and can be easily trained. However, you have to be realistic in expectations in the initial days with your pup. Here are some pointers to help your doodle understand better.

Little Alchemy

Expect a Mess

Caring for a young pup can be expensive. Your furry friend, in his initial days, can be noisy, frustrating and a perfect troublemaker. Expect to get stuck with chewed shoes, and keep your car ready for some emergency visits to the vet. While this too shall pass, you get a perfect companion within a month or two.

Keep Patience inthe Training Periods

A number of seasoned trainers direct that several homeowners expect their pups to get housebroken within eight weeks. However, in reality, Labradoodles, just like any breed of dog, have their own pace of growth. Your pup needs to reach a specific physiological development milestone to housebreak. Sometimes, it might take time as long as seven months! Hence, don’t stress if your dog does not housebreak as early as you have thought.

Avoid a Big Crate

In keeping with its wolf ancestry, a Labradoodle would prefer a safe ‘den’ where it can comfortably cuddle in. So make sure that its initial crate is small enough for it to turn in and turn around a bit. If you give it a bigger crate, then it might assign a portion of it as a latrine. This will make the crate easily soiled. Alternatively, you can buy a crate that has adjustable panels. It will expand as your puppy grows up.

Let It Sleep

Your pup is going to sleep a lot in its initial days. It would wake up approximately every 180 minutes and would want to go out for potty. Utilize this time for ‘potty outing’ to cuddle it, play with it, as well as to train it. It would return to its crate to resume the nap.

Also, the first 16 weeks of your pup’s life is crucial for its growth and overall training. Yet, it is a time of its adjusting with the new environment, as well. So try not to overwhelm your pup with too many visitors and too much of outdoor trips. You will love to see your little fur-ball gradually growing up to be a happy dog.

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