May 22, 2022

If you’re one of those folks who spends much of your relaxation time in front of your monitor playing your favorite computer games you certainly have plenty of friends.  And if you have a pet then you have a friend – right there at home with you as well.  However, there is a strong possibility that these others who share your household may suffer an occasional pang of loneliness (unless they are playing the computer games or visiting social sites along with you!).  So, before you get really wrapped up in the latest game you may have just loaded from Origin you might want to take a minute to make certain your favorite friend and companion is well occupied when you are building up your skill level and score totals.

It is not unusual for a favorite pet to be unintentionally left unattended by somebody who has become overly preoccupied spending entertainment time on his or her computer.  Remember “You’ve Got Mail”?  Remember those scenes where the guy busily writes emails to his online friend while his dog lies next to his desk looking so sad and morose at his reduced amount of attention?  Yet Brinkley is still faithful despite having to play second fiddle to his owner’s new flame.

Do you remember how he gives his owner a look of disapproval when his owner tries to compose a phony reason for standing the lady up?  That dog was truly his owner’s best friend.  And as such, he was deserving of the special attention he received.  Today a conscientious pet owner would be sure he got his favorite pets some good toys and activities to keep them entertained and rewarded for their loyalty.  This would be done at the same time that the owner would be using his Groupon coupons to take advantage of the nearly 75% off special deals and promo codes Origin is currently offering for selected online games.  We should always be certain we make sure our pets receive our gratitude and aren’t neglected just because we’ve become overly wrapped up in online games and social network activity.  Never make the mistake of allowing a mechanical or electronic device to completely take priority over true flesh and blood.


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