May 22, 2022
How to select the perfect litter box for your kitty

Even if you are an existing cat owner or a new one, there would be huge list of items that you would want to buy for your lovable fur buddies. If you have got a new cat then be aware that cats always search for suitable bathroom where they can be utmost comfortable. Which is the reach why of all the things, people would want to buy the best automatic litter box for them.

best automatic litter box

But whenever you are going out to buy one, consider the below mentioned things:

  1. Easy to clean – Cats prefer a clean litter box therefore it is best to buy the litter box which is easier to clean and maintain. These best automatic litter box take out the litter through the conveyor belt and not only raises the health of your kitty but also makes them comfortable in their surroundings and lets your home smelling good and fresh.
  2. Size considerations – You must always buy a litter box which is appropriate for their size and can comfortably house them by supporting their weight. These automatic litter boxes comes in a variety of models and sizes. Therefore you must opt for one which can accommodate your kitty is a good manner.
  3. Types of litter boxes – There are various kinds of litter boxes such as open litter box, domed litter box, electric litter box, and disposable litter pan and litter box furniture. All these kinds have their own advantages and disadvantages and have a difference of cost as well. Therefore make a sound decision of buying one before getting your kitty home.
  4. Number of cats – When you are planning to get a litter box you must also consider how many cats are going to be there. As per the rule and to maintain the standards of cleanliness, you must have one litter box for two cats. Though for better cleanliness it is better to have one litter box but at times people have space constraints. If you have more than one cat, you can even go for a larger size of litter box but then make sure that you clean it frequently.

Sand cleaning – You must always buy a self-cleaning litter box. This could be based on the preference of sand of your cats. And then with these self-cleaning litter boxes you still need to clean and it is better to get an automatic sandbox rather than the traditional one as it is kept much cleaner which is good for the health of your cats.

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