June 9, 2023

The family dog is an essential part of our lives and his or her well-being should always be taken into account. Dogs are very energetic and with a long list of ever present dangers, there are many ways your dog could be injured.  General health care is important, and from day one, you will have vaccinations and general consultations at the vets, and while these visits are essential, they needn’t cost a fortune, as pet insurance can take care of a majority of the health costs.

Comprehensive Cover for your Dog

Many dog owners prefer this type of policy, as it covers just about every eventuality, and with the costs of receiving any treatment in modern days, this can quickly add up. Once your dog is 8 weeks old, you can take out a comprehensive policy and this will cover up to 80% of all vet bills. There is an excess, and you can choose how much of an excess you would like to pay. Pet insurance has become very popular, mainly due to the high cost of treatment, and with the right policy, most of the bills will be covered.

Dog Training

This is something you can do yourself, but if you have no time, there are dog training centres than can put your puppy on the right road to good behaviour. The Internet is always a good source of information and there are lots of interesting websites that provide useful tips on dog training. If you have a comprehensive pet insurance policy, the training costs will be covered, so you can enrol your puppy in a class.

Other Dogs

Your dog will need to socialise, and how he behaves around other dogs is important. This all part of his training, and you will need to make him familiar with the leash, and also teach him to come when called. A badly behaved dog can be a nuisance in public areas, so spend some time training him to behave himself when out and about with the family.

Start as you Mean to Go On

Your puppy will experience a new environment, and it is up to you to let him know what he can and cannot do. There might be certain rooms or items of furniture that are out of bounds, and with the right instruction, he will soon learn this. Meals should always be at the same times and in the same locations, and if your dog has his own food and water bowl, he will soon get into a good feeding routine. Treats are fine, within reason, and they should never make up more than 5% of his total diet.


Puppy dogs like to chew, and if he doesn’t have a durable toy or hide bone to gnaw on, the chances are his attention will turn to shoes and other items, so make sure he does have something to chew and he will happily cut his teeth as he grows.

Owning a dog can be so rewarding and with the right instruction and some good insurance, your dog will enjoy many happy years with his new family.

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