May 22, 2022
Getting Your Bulldog Comfortable In Their New Home - Bed Buying Tips

Taking care of an English Bulldog requires passion so you have to give your best and consider his needs for this puppy or grown-up pet to be comfortable in his new home. As his owner, you must not only care about his food, grooming, training, and shelter but also a space where he will sleep comfortably. I guess you are well aware of their necessities just like what humans need so do not even think about adopting one if you can’t be a nice owner because many pet lovers would willingly take him.

Let’s say that if you do not have the passion, then you might find it difficult to show interest in them and that will make this little one sad which can affect a pet-owner relationship. When this happens, you cannot greatly contribute to his experience of having a comfortable place to live so you should make sure to show that you love him that much. English Bulldogs are friendly, can always be loyal to their owners, and you would surely like to cuddle them so we should treat them well.

This breed may not be that picky but it is only right to get the best dog beds for your english bulldog to make them feel comfortable because they are now your lovely babies, companions, buddies, and friends. Some people may think that it is just for sleeping but what is important here is the ease and comfort that they can feel at home. Such stuff is only one of the things that you should provide being this pet is now a part of the family so make sure to learn how to buy or choose an ideal one.

Why buy beds for your English Bulldogs?

When your pet is just new in your house either he is still a puppy or a grown-up, he may feel fear you because you are a stranger at first but providing him a nice place to sleep will make him feel relaxed and safe. He can lay down without worrying and always remember that having a sound sleep is good for his overall health, too.

Another concern is the breathing problem of this breed and that is because of their flat snout. There are issues with the structure of this breed just like having malformed nostrils, squashed face, and soft palate which blocks breathing. Some of them may also experience joint issues so they need support to maximize comfort and enjoy the night – check out for other remedies to relieve their pain.

best dog beds for your english bulldog

By the way, this breed needs at least 14 hours of sleep every day because they easily get tired. The owner has to provide that to maintain his health in good condition and restore his energy as well. In this state, his bed may easily get dirty, too, so we have to clean it often which means that it must come with features that will let you maintain cleanliness without exerting too much effort in cleaning.


I assume, you already know that English Bulldogs are small in size and this makes them charming. The average height is only 14 to 15 inches and the female breed weighs 40 pounds, while for the male it’s 50 pounds. Given such information, you will already have an idea of what size of bed you are going to buy so sometimes, taking the measurements won’t be necessary, especially when there are ready-made stocks specifically for English Bulldogs.

Though it would be great to know the measurements to make sure that your pet will have plenty of room to sprawl out or to sleep on his back. To measure the length, you have to start from nose down to his tail and forthe width, you can measure his shoulder. Simply add about 8 inches to 1 foot to make him more comfortable as he changes sleeping positions – read more about these habits.

Cool and Comfortable

Again, this breed is known to be brachycephalic so their beds must have a surface that is cool and comfortable enough to sleep on, especially during summer. They tend to have a low tolerance when it comes to heat, as well as, exercise.

That’s why the owner needs to find ways to ease their panting problem. With your help, support, and care, they will feel more relaxed.


There are times when our buddies seem to be a bit destructive. They may chew their bed, pillow, or even blanket when they have one. This is a concern that you can avoid by buying toys that they can chew whenever they want.

Because of this issue, you should make sure to choose a bed that is made of durable materials. High-quality materials may be pricy but it is better when trying to manage the destructive side of your little buddy.

Shape and Design

Since this breed likes spreading out his body, you have to consider the shape of the bed that will allow them to sleep on their tummy, either side or back. Those who have hip dysplasia moves in different positions, too, so you should also think about their condition. How they sleep is what makes them feel at ease and it would be nice to support their preferences by choosing a shape that is specifically made for their posture.

By the way, there are also beds with orthopedic design and this would be the best option for dogs with various musculoskeletal issues like hip dysplasia or osteochondritis dissecans. These are specifically designed with orthopedic foam materials that help in providing additional support to the dog. Therefore, helping them keep aligned and is the comfort that they need to have a better sleep.

You may try the flat one if they like to sprawl, while donut shape would be ideal for those who like curling up. Choose a bolster if your pet is suffering from joint problems. It is also an ideal option when experiencing breathing difficulties or when he is snoring because the airflow is better when his head is elevated as he rests or sleeps.