June 9, 2023
Choosing Clever and Cool male

Adding a pet or getting a new puppy in your home in such a great decision but it comes with a huge responsibility. These responsibilities come when you start to get the concern about naming and training your dog. First and top priority is choosing a clever male dog name.

The name you give to your dog mostly reflects its characters. To get the perfect idea for your male dog names, you have to consider some essential tips. If it’s the first time to name a pet, here are several tips you should refer to so as to find a right name for a dog:

Naming Tips for a male dog

-Avoid naming your dog same as the command you always use. It might result in confusion and frustrate your pet, especially during training sessions.

 Never give your dog an embarrassing name that will make you not like mention in public, it might be funny, but to be on safer side, just give a respectful name.

Avoid being in a hurry while giving your male dog name. You should at least take your time and learn much about your dog to find a suitable name for it.

If still, you are out of ideas, you can try a kind of creativity whereby you name your dog according to its size, trait, favorite team, the breed, its looks or hobbies.

 However, giving your dog a common name is not bad as long as it a suitable name. The following are a list to top male dog names especially individuals who are looking clever names.

male dog names

Top 20 Male Dog Names

Max Buddy, Jake, Bailey, Sam, Harley Rusty, Rocky, Buster, Casey, Murphy, Cody, Duke, Charlie, Jack, Barney, Toby, Shelby, Sparky, Winston.

Cool Names for your Male dog

Interest and personally is the true definition that depends on what a cool name implies. The initial step towards bonding with your pet is through naming. Avoid choosing a name for your pet based on someone’s opinion. Just pick a name that rhyme with your dog’s personality and yours as well.

Take your dog as your closest friend that you can mention its name a thousand time! Now you can imagine if already gave your dog a bad name.

Another truth is that other pet owners would love to change their dog’s name already after two months. You should stress your pet with a new a name over and over again.


You can also refer some suggested name on this article you can rather be creative and find the name of your dog by its character, size or breed. Also avoid naming your dog to common similar sounds or command such as stay, go run, or eat.

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