May 22, 2022

This is a guest post from, hope you will learn to set up your own freshwater fish tank. We welcome you to the world where you experience the way of fish keeping and make an aquarium. While making an aquarium, you not only see the beautiful another world, but also improve your health conditions. By making your own aquarium using best aquarium filter, you can welcome a source of entertainment at your home or office.

Before getting involved in the healthiest hobby, you must first learn about setting up the aquarium in easy way. The process is little bit knowledgeable, but also surprises you in a way.

  1. The nitrogen cycle

If you are starting a new aquarium, then this is the most important aspect that you should look upon. Performing the cycling process on a regular basis means you are helping in growing the good bacteria that consume the toxins leave by the fish. There are two methods of performing cycling – Fishless cycling and Fish-in cycling.

  1. Check the aquarium size

Choosing the correct size depends on the space you have. You have to check whether the largest fish tank can fit into the space or your required medium or smaller one.

  1. Select the required aquarium stands

The surface of the place where it has to be kept is the main thing that has to be checked. The stand should have that much capacity that it can hold the weight of aquarium with water.

  1. Choose the best filters

The best aquarium filter is required for good filtration process. In market there are three kinds of filters available – Under-gravel (UG), Hang on the back (HOB) and Internal and canister. Now, you have to choose depending on your tank size.

  1. Using good substrate

There your preference matters. You have to select from sand or gravel. Sand becomes the ideal pick if you want to stock up your tank. Whereas, the gravels can easily prepare by using warm water. Available in various colours, they increase the look of the aquarium.

  1. Use De-chlorinator

Also known as conditioner, de-chlorinator is meant for detoxifying the chemicals or toxins present in the water.

  1. Proper use of testing kit

If you are making an aquarium, then it is necessary for you to keep testing kit with you. This is helpful in regularly checking the temperature of the water.

  1. Heaters

Heaters are the prime thing required for keeping the water warm for tropical aquarium. The power of the heater depends on the size of the tank.

  1. Installing proper lights

Fix only the standard lights that should be sufficient for viewing the fish and help in the growth of low-light live plants. Make use of the lights on a day or night cycle because fish also like to spend some time in the dark.

The aquarium is not just a piece of decorative item. It has living animals that need your attention and time. We suggest you that if you are planning to set up an aquarium, then make use of best aquarium filters and do a proper research.

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