June 9, 2023

If you have a problem with a dog that continually barks you may want to try a bark collar as this can transform your barking dog into a well-behaved pet.

You will earn the gratitude of family, friends, and neighbors if you do this I am sure.

This type of training collar is favored by breeders and trainers alike. The dog is in no way harmed by the collar he is merely shown that what he is doing is unacceptable.

If you were to choose the shock collar, the dog would just receive a gentle shock, probably more of a tingling sensation, when the collar received signs from the dog’s throat vibrations that he was either going to bark or was actually barking at the time. The collar would then emit a small shock, and in time the dog would associate barking with getting an unpleasant sensation and thus he would think twice before barking.

There are different types of bark collar, and you may read this best dog bark collars review from the dog collar zone website for more details about the various kinds of bark collar. After that, you can get what is called a Citronella collar, which has a small reservoir to hold Citronella liquid and when the dog barks a mist of this liquid, is sprayed in front of his nose.

Dogs do not like this odor and will quickly start to think that if he barks, he is going to have to put up this nasty smell in his nose, so he doesn’t bark.

Many people who actually think that the shock collar represents cruelty to the dog would only use the Citronella, although the shock really is only slight and cannot be in any construed as cruelty, but everyone is entitled to their own choice.

Then there is another type which emits a sonic sound when the dog barks, again initiated by the collar recognizing throat vibrations. If the dog continues barking the sound will eventually get louder and louder until the dog ceases barking. The sound is not audible to humans so you wouldn’t have the nuisance of the added noise from the collar.

It is possible that the only way these collars would not work would be if the dog in question were deaf. I believe you would have to employ a different method of correcting the barking habit in a deaf dog.

If you have a dog which constantly barks for no particular reason, it can be such a frustrating thing. Your neighbors could complain, and sometimes these disputes lead to the dog being taken away or even people suffering legal action resulting in them being evicted from their homes.

Nobody likes having disputes with their neighbors I am sure, plus if you have this noisy dog, perhaps your family might not like being around it. All round it is quite a problem and one which for your own sanity as well, you need to solve.

You need to get rid of the problem in the best way possible so that your dog no longer represents a problem to you and your family. Eventually, even the best-loved dog is going to outstay its welcome if it just barks incessantly so a bark collar would seem to be the best solution all round, for you and for your dog.


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