June 9, 2023

It is obvious that we love and care very much for our dogs and we want to give them the best of everything. This, of course, includes giving them the best quality food available.

Mind you, there are dogs who suffer from health ailments like diarrhoea, constipation, urinary tract problems, lacklustre coats, dandruff and other digestive disorders. These issues can be treated with a proper, wholesome diet.

Many a time, dog foods don’t contain essential nutrient-rich ingredients that help maintain their health. Adding these missing ingredients to your dog’s diet will lead to an extraordinary change in its overall health in a span of just a few weeks.

Though there are many supplements in the market that will reduce the causes and symptoms of a health problem, they are not able to take care of all of them. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of the five most vital dietary supplements that will prove beneficial for your dog’s health.

1. Glucosamine

Just like us, as a pet becomes older their joints become a bit stiffer, a bit more fragile and even their daily routine walk will become difficult for them. To reduce joint pain, glucosamine is an excellent supplement for your old dog.

Though people should make a note that it is used as a preventative for joints and not as a treatment. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, glucosamine will not help that much. A dog suffering from an initial level to severe level of arthritis will require prescription medications and supplements that will help them with the pain.

You may have to avoid glucosamine which is given to humans and get the one specially made for canines as your dog will find it difficult to digest given that it doesn’t easily absorb in their body.

Also, beware of the store bought diets as they don’t contain the required amount of glucosamine as they claim they do and are not good for your pooch.

2. Fish Oils

Fish oil supplement is added in the diet to cure skin allergies. Anchovies, mullet, bluefish, mackerel, salmon, tuna, sardines, sturgeon, trout and herring contain Omega-3 fatty acids and are good sources of fish oil supplements.

There are two fatty acids that are beneficial for your dog’s health – Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These two ingredients can be found on the labels of most fish oil supplements.

To give your dog’s coat a shiny glow, introduce fish oil in their diet. With fish oil in their system and a pair of quality dog clippers, you can ensure that your furry buddy sports a shiny coat all the time.

3. Milk Thistle

Most people will know milk thistle as ‘liver herb’. The most active compound in milk thistle is known as ‘Silymarin’ which is a combination of other active ingredients. It is used to treat diseases of the kidney and liver disease, and also helps cure lead and mushroom poisoning along with other toxicities.

A lot of dogs suffering from liver diseases are treated with the milk thistle by holistic veterinarians. Milk thistle has no side effects and has an excellent safety record.

4. Lysine

Lysine is an important amino acid that helps your dog’s body produce enzymes, hormones and antibodies that boosts its immune system. Lysine also helps in collagen production and calcium absorption which contributes to healthy skin and strong bones.

A dog suffering from a viral infection will respond well to Lysine but ensure that you are giving them the prescribed dose with a proper veterinary diagnosis. In case a dog is provided with excess Lysine, its kidneys can be damaged and chances of acute renal failure will increase.

5. Probiotics

Probiotics are solid microorganisms that have a positive effect on the body. The intestines normally contain microflora, which is otherwise known as healthy bacteria. In times of sickness, stress, dietary changes, use of antibiotics or other causes, the state of these bacteria might change resulting in them becoming unhealthy or depleted in quantity.

The common symptoms of unhealthy bacteria in the stomach are vomiting and diarrhoea. Probiotics can increase the number of healthy bacteria in the stomach resulting in improved intestinal health.

Before you purchase any of the above mentioned supplements, make sure you consult with your vet.

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