September 29, 2023

If you want your children to learn as they grow, there is no way more perfect for doing so than getting them their very own pet!

Yes. No matter how boisterous your child is, having a pet will make them feel like it is their responsibility, and this will give them an early lesson into management. And the most preferred choice for pets for young children is a furry bunny. How can your kids not love one for the birthday present!

Your kid would love all the cuddles, feeding the rabbit, and playing with it all day long. Practically, everything it leaves for you to do is grab a pair of rabbit clippers and clip off its nails. Then again, even though rabbits are not as high-maintenance as pets as dogs or as independent as cats, they certainly need constant love, care, and attention.

So, make sure that you keep a close eye on how your kids are attending to the rabbit and step in whenever you feel the need.

With the above care involved, if you have made peace with the idea of getting your fluff-ball another furry being to take care of, the next task is to decide upon the breed. While there is a vast number of pet breeds out there, you need to opt for those who have a great temperament and require, comparatively, less care.

So, here are the five breeds of rabbits that will make incredible pets for your kids.

1.  The Miniature Lop-Eared Bunny

It is the unparalleled cuteness that will make you overawed every time you look at it that makes The Miniature a popular choice of pet bunnies for kids. Not only they are smaller as compared to their cousins, but their floppy ears also make them all the more adorable. No wonder the fan-base of these miniature bunnies extends as and when someone looks at their picture.

However, you are not looking for a rabbit that you want to put up for display. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with The Miniature because it is also a playful pet that can be quite a handful when at its jolliest!

It is an inquisitive rabbit specie which can learn small commands when you and your children try to teach them. This crafts your rabbit’s intelligence too. Therefore, when you have a kid how is playful, interactive, and mischievous, The Miniature will be the perfect addition to your household.

2. The Dutch Rabbit

The Dutch Rabbit is the global celebrity when it comes to rabbit species because it is widely recognised and loved by everyone, everywhere. Almost everyone has encountered a Dutch Rabbit growing up and loved every bit of it.

While owning a Dutch rabbit is easy because they are calm and docile, they take a little time to get used to the new surroundings. You can tame them and as and when they become familiar with you and your kids, they will turn out to be little bundles of joy.

Dutch Rabbits love to socialise, entertain, and be entertained. They are less prone to stress and get friendly with people easily if they are treated with kindness and care. For your children who are kind and gentle, they can be the perfect match.

3. Harlequin

Harlequins have an exclusive, furry coat with tri-coloured striped, making them all the more alluring to your kids. While their stripes and appearance make them ideal show pets, they are much more than just that. Harlequins make wonderful pets for children, owing to their calm and gentle nature.

Moreover, the fur of Harlequins make them perfect for the morning, afternoon, and cuddles that can last all day long. They are simply amenable and perfect little creatures which love to hop about the house and play. Also, the intelligence of these beings allows them to learn to use the litter box quickly, leaving less work for you to tend to.

Plus, how about teaching your Harlequins some tricks, because they can rock them like no one’s watching!

4.    The Chinchillas

Though it is the short and exclusively grey coat of these fluff-balls that encourage people to breed Chinchillas, they are a lot more than that.

Along with the incredibly silky fur that your children will love to stroke every day, they are social and intelligent pets who will learn to live with your children easily. Plus, they are no less playful, inquisitive, and fun-loving than your children, and would happily be a part of any mischief they are planning.

5.    The Himalayan

Call it the impact of their Himalayan origin, these rabbits appear as serene as the Himalayas. Little can one imagine in the first rendezvous with them that they are super laid-back rabbits and calm!

Not to forget their auspicious white fur which your children would love to stroke. Also, they are super easy to take care of and handle when in a house full of children (or child) running around. All you have to do is be attentive and gentle towards the pet, and it will love you to the world’s end.

The Himalayan is playful and is less likely to bite or scratch your kids when handled with kindness. They love the company of kids and adults alike because it brings entertainment and joy to them. Practically, by living together, you and your pet will support each other.

In the end, if cuteness had a face, it would either be your kids’ or a rabbits’ because there is nothing else that can make hearts melt just by their appearance. So, you can choose any one or more of the above rabbit species for your kids to pet and love.

However, while your kids get you to take care of your pet, you should keep a close eye on how they do it. Make sure that the rabbit does not suffer because of any negligence.

Well, if there is anything better than having one cute munchkin playing around in your house, it is having two of them creating joyful moments together!

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