May 22, 2022

Your dog needs as much attention and love as you do. The upcoming winters can be harsh for your pooch. Change seasons demands change in lifestyle as well. For dogs, it is all about warmth and cosy environment where they can rest and sleep peacefully. Saying that, getting them nice warm and comfortable dog beds will be the best thing to do this winter. But, before just jumping in the shopping spree, make sure to study what kind of bedding will be the most suitable for you & your pet. Making the process simpler, here we have chosen the best 5 beddings for your dog!

Bean bags

You can be more fun while choosing the right bedding for your doggy. Nowadays, options in bean bags are also available for pets as they are considered super soft and warm. Also, they can endure dog’s scratches or bites well. Typically made from nylon, they are also stain and water resistant.


You can always give your blankets a try and we promise your dog will love them. They are easy to manage, easy to wash and you can use or dispose of them from time to time. It is although important to note that they can offer shelter to spiders and other insects as well. Make sure they are properly dusted and kept under sunlight for a few hours.

Orthopaedic Dog beds

These kinds of beds are made up from good quality foam that dispense your dog’s weight equally and provide her with the right support and balanced cushion. These are generally considered to be the most ideal for sick or elderly dogs. These kinds of dog beds UK are in huge demand.


Nice soft rugs are always appreciable for your dog’s bedding. They are convenient and space friendly. However, they are not a great choice for extreme winters.

Wood Chips

Wood chips made up from Cedar or Pine are sweet smelling and insect repelling. They are a safe option for dogs as they keep fleas away, offer good insulation and comfort. Ensure while buying that they are small & thin shavings of the wood in form and not large & hard chunks of wood. Also, note that these may not be a good selection for pregnant, lactating dogs or even for puppies.For these harbour higher growth rate of bacteria.

Finally, you can also choose to buy dog beds which are available in a fabulous variety and are certainly a bit more expensive than other options.

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