June 9, 2023

A dog can be blind due to a number of reasons. If your dog does not have a clear vision or he becomes completely blind, then you have to take care of your dog with more attention so that you can provide him confidence and self-respect otherwise your dog’s life will be decreased and he may get sick in no time.
There are a number of ways through which you can help your dog. One of them is to purchase the new toys for your dog which can keep him busy and he does not feel alone. The blind dog toys are not much different from the regular dog’s toys. So, finding the blind dog’s toys are not difficult at all. Especially, due to online stores, the process of finding best toys for the blind now becomes very easy for the blind dog owners.
Usually, the toys made for blind dogs are not heavy in weight at all so that dog can easily take it in his mouth. The other feature of blind dog toys is the sound. This keeps them busy and helps the dog to recognize the toys. These toys with sound can be used to train your blind dog new skills. So, the blind do toys are not just for dog only but as an owner, you can use these toys to train something new to your dog which can help your dog in many ways including living life without eyes easily.

An example of Toys for Blind Dogs:
• Kongs: Kongs are the world most famous toys for all type of dogs including blind dogs. You can stuff it with treats to surprise your dog with something special to eat
• Buster Cube: It is same as kongs with a different shape. Its shape allows you to add a different type of treats in one goes. The blind dog would love to get it as food and toy
• Squeaky Toys: These toys are most favorite of blind dogs. They do not only make the sound but the dog can use them for chewing purpose. They are available in different size, so choose one according to the size of your dog.
• Wiggly Giggly Toys: A big range of such type of toys is available. They make the squeaky and giggly sound when rolled. They are also available in different shapes including bone shape.
• Scented toys: The dogs are the dog in the smelling sense, so having at least one scented toy for your blind dog is the must. Make sure to purchase one whose smell is nice (not very blended small toys).
• Talk to Me Treat Ball: This toy can make your blind dog busy while he is alone or feeling lonely. If you cannot give enough time to your blind dog to keep him busy then purchase talk to me treat ball to keep him engaged in something.
As you can above that there are so many varities of toys are available in the market. So, it is not much difficult to buy one for the blind dog.

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