September 29, 2022
consider your cat’s health

The new year is off to a fine start and by now you’ve enjoyed the first few weeks with your cat. You’ve both lounged by the TV, enjoyed fine treats, and sporadic bursts of energy. But do you have plans with your cat family that go beyond the usual? You don’t have to plan every minute, but do schedule in some quality time with kitty in 2018.


1. Photography session. Set up a photography session with your cat for when they’re lively and full of energy. Do they love to play kitty dress up? This is a good time to borrow some accessories from your wardrobe and try them on the cat. You can also do cat selfies, or set them up like they took the photos and not you. Use your best camera and tripod—dig out that old SLR if you must—and take dozens of photos of your cat in various poses. Get your favourite photos printed and framed.

2. Film one cat video per month. Your cat could be the next big star! Film your kitty doing various antics and high jinks. Post and share your videos to Youtube. If your cat needs any encouragement, set out some of their favourite toys. And always have the video on your smart phone, device, or tablet ready to go.

consider your cat’s health

3. Plan silly things with your cat. Do you want to have a birthday party for your cat? Then go ahead and plan it! Invite your cat-loving friends, but not too many if they’re a fraidy-cat. You can decorate your home in festive cat-themed decorations, make cat cupcakes, and wrap toys for your cat. Be sure to create a small “cake” that they can enjoy too! You can decorate a tin of cat food with several treats.

4. Beauty salon. It’s a new  year and tome to also consider your cat’s health. It may be time to take them to a vet for a checkup, and if they’re an outdoor cat—their vaccinations. Also set up a regular schedule to trim their claws and give them a good brush once a day. Tell them its a mani-pedi kind of day and spoil them rotten!


Perhaps you’ll be able to think up more ameowzing activities with your cat family for 2018! The key is to have lots fun with your furry pets!

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