September 29, 2022

So it is raining again and there is no luck you can get the mild-climate weather and you do not wish to leave the training regime of your horse. No matter what location you live raining may take place anywhere and you will need to find ways to exercise your horse in the wet conditions.

If you are planning to “swimmies” your horse, then a good idea seems good because you are trying something new outside of the ring. You have to keep your horse and keep complete control of your horse between your aids and control their feet. Try to cross the edge step by step and if your horse denies then try just one hoof in one time.

Keep in mind, some horses like to splash in the water so be ready for that.

You can also use waterproof exercise sheets for horses for wet conditions and it helps in maintaining the warmth in the muscles of the body of your horse. Especially, when it is raining the horse may feel cold because of the air and keeping them warm turns significant during raining.

Stretch Your Horse Neck

You can stretch the neck to the front legs of your horse and you can do it by standing beside your horse, take a position close to or beside the legs of a horse.

Get Your Horse’s Head Bend To The Downside

First, get the complete hold on your horse’s head so that the horse could know about it. After that, hold its treat and move it down close to the fetlock. Hold it for a few seconds and then release it. You can stretch the neck to its backside as well as a downside.

Stretch Your Horse Leg

Stand close to your horse beside its face and give a signal to lift its leg and then stretch it forward. Now try to extend it to its level without bending the knee. Hold the leg for at least 10-15 seconds and leave it in a relaxed position.

Stretch Your Horse Shoulder

Again, you have to go beside the front legs of your horse. Now give a signal to your horse to lift one leg and hold it then to take it forward without bending the knee. Hold the leg from just below the knee and take it to the upside up to 90-degree angle. Now rotate this in the circular motion 5-6 times in the direction of another leg.

Stretch Your Horseback And Stomach

Go to the backside of the horse and scratch gently at the base of the belly from where you wish to place the size. Keep on your tickling until your horse lifts its back and now you have to stretch it for a few seconds. Now further back down to the stomach and from here you have to stretch its whole topline.

It is good to perform the exercises and you can keep your horse warm. You can try these exercises on a regular basis too.

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