September 29, 2022

You are lucky if you have got a dog that enjoys living an active life. This sporty behavior of your dog will gift you with so many great memories with him. Almost every active dog likes to have a full attention of their owners. Though you may like to play a lot with your pet but you may not always be free to do that. So, what to do in such situation? You should get an automatic ball launcher for your buddy. It will be a perfect source of entertainment for your pet and you can get some spare moments to do what you like to do in the free time.

It is a great device to keep your pet entertained and busy:

A lot of dogs love to play fetch. Your dog might also like to do the same activity when he is roaming outside. What can be a better alternative to fetch than a ball launcher? Of course, nothing because it will keep your pet entertained throughout the time. A dog ball launcher comes with many perks. It not only keeps your pet engaged but also encourages your pet to be more athletic.

Though many dogs like to enjoy an active life, some really do not. You will obviously worry because some dogs get fat if they do not enjoy physical activities too much. You may not like to see your cute pet getting fat due to his lack of interest in athletic activities. So, you can offer your pet with an automatic ball launcher. Hence every dog loves to play with the ball, your dog will also take interest in catching and bringing back the ball. However, you will have to train him where to put the ball in order to get it thrown back. A little training will work really well and then your dog will love to use his personal ball launcher time-and-again.

How does it work?

This kind of ball launchers is self-operated devices. You need put the tennis ball into the opening and then the device launches that ball into air. The ball would go 10-30 feet away from the launcher. Every time your dog will drop the ball into the opening, he will have to run up to 30 feet (you can adjust the distance) in order to bring that ball back to the launcher. Not all the ball launchers allow you to adjust the distance but some do. You should buy that one because thus you can control ball launching distance according to the free space you have got around your house.

A lot of dogs get pretty obsessed about games like fetch. They love to play ball and your dog will also if you offer him a ball launcher. It must be an automatic one otherwise you will have to take care of this game all by yourself. Do not let your pet get sad because you are busy because a ball launcher can replace you for a while and entertain your pet in the best possible way.

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